A sad state of affairs

By NMe on Friday 27 March 2009 12:38 - Comments (10)
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No other business suffers so much from incompetence as the IT business. There, I said it. When you're an incompetent cleaner, salesman, technical designer or architect you'll be found out soon enough, but as a programmer your bad practices can and will make it into production no matter how good or bad you are. A programmer's true incompetence often isn't discovered before it's too late.

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Justice at last

By NMe on Tuesday 17 March 2009 10:55 - Comments (2)
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Management: a necessary evil. Yet not many companies realize that they're being eaten alive from the inside by bad decisions made by (middle) management. Stories are abundant, and I will tell some here.

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Why forum life is so complicated

By NMe on Sunday 15 March 2009 02:57 - Comments (20)
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I'd hate to start off my first attempt at blogging in more than four years with a rant, but I'm going to anyway. That's just the type of guy I am; I'll try to behave next time. I'd like to talk about people. People have always liked to put each other in their own little "box", separating "them" from "us". For the purpose of this blog post, I'm going to do the same.

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